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As a payment facilitator, we handle your transactions ourselves (no middlemen or third parties) – allowing us total control of how your transactions are processed.

We eliminate the fees you pay on credit card transactions by passing on the unavoidable fees card brands and cardholder banks charge for the use of their payment methods.

As a TAPLocal customer, you’ll also have access to an integrated marketing toolbox that helps you keep your customers coming back after they purchase from you.

This way you’re not only keeping 100% of your sales in your business but also growing your customer base month over month!

Trusted by 10k+ Businesses

“After 20+ years in the payment processing industry, we’ve been referred to as the payment processor that does much more than process your payments. But we've taken things a step further by eliminating the unnecessary fees charged by companies like Square, PayPal, Quickbooks, and traditional ISOs.”

Shaun Zinke

Shaun Zinke

President / Co-Founder



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